This is what practitioners are saying about Alison’s presentations:

I was fortunate enough to attend Alison’s Headaches and Migraines seminar in Octover 2016. What a breath of fresh air it was to hear her passion and expertise in this area. Current in its evidence based approach, so very practical in the content delivered and so easy to listen to with multiple cases presented to sustain the relevance. There has been a shift occurring in our industry for some time, and in my opinion her insights, patient empowering message, encouragement of empathy and reinforcement of communication/education is exactly what is needed to help steer it in the right direction. On a personal note, it was so lovely to hear of her open and ongoing support for the newer generation of practitioners, something I am also very passionate about. I hope the profession realizes how lucky they are to have someone like Alison in our field, and actively making a difference. I look forwards to seeing more presentations.

Patricia Vlahek – Osteopath and Practitioner Mentor to New Graduate Osteopaths, specialising in patient service excellence

The Beyond Mechanical Pain seminar presented by Alison Sim provides a fascinating and current ‘state of play’ on chronic pain management. In addition to a wonderfully distilled overview of chronic pain pathophysiology, Alison provides an invaluable multi-disciplinary, case-study approach to chronic pain management applicable for all in the allied health sector.

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, I found the discussions on functional re-training and multi-disciplinary engagement to be particularly valuable. Alison charts a way forward for even the most recalcitrant of chronic pain cases utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach spanning cognitive behaviour therapy through to exercise rehabilitation. Alison presents complex concepts in an easy to understand way and approaches a typically sombre topic with enthusiasm and optimism. I left with a new approach and a toolkit of invaluable resources. I strongly recommend attending this seminar. Chronic pain management will only be effective if everyone is on the same page.

Warrick Chilton – Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Lecturer in Exercise Science & Clinical Exercise Physiology

I enjoyed Alison’s straight forward and practical discussion about those “chronic pain patients” that we don’t have all the answers for. I feel I have gained a far greater understanding of the mechanism of the chronic pain cycle, and therefore another piece in a very large puzzle of how to achieve the best outcomes for this group of my patient base.

Melanie O’Shea – Osteopath

Arguably the most useful, clinically relevant information you’ll get in a 3 hour period.  It’s the information many practitioners think they know, but invariably don’t.  Will change how you think about chronic pain patients.  Highly recommended!

David Birley – Osteopath 

Alison Sim’s seminar “Beyond Mechanical Pain” was informative, thorough and enjoyable! It was a great refresher for me on the science and physiology of longstanding pain and gave me useful insights regarding the best way forward.
Participants were directed to a number of evidenced based, easy to use practical resources which are very helpful in sorting through the various aspects of such cases for both patients and practitioners alike.

Belinda Needham – Osteopath

Thank you for an informative, insightful and clinically relevant course over the weekend! The material presented was easy to understand, and able to be integrated immediately into practice. It’s only Monday morning and I’ve already implemented some of the tools we spoke about. For anyone who wants to get a better grasp on the neuroscience of pain, and more importantly, what we can do about it, I highly recommend Alison Sim‘s courses. Beyond Mechanical Pain makes content that can often be dry and difficult easy to swallow, and real world applicable. Well done Alison – this should be compulsory material for allied health professionals in my mind!!

Claire Richardson – Osteopath 

Attended the inaugural BMP workshop today…learnt much valuable material and for someone who doesn’t like role play, it was really helpful to play the role of both patient and practitioner and see what default patterns, behaviours and language both roles use when speaking to each other. Every seminar I attend with BMP and Alison Sim, I learn so much more and deepen my understanding of chronic pain which helps me with this challenging area of practice. This is valuable and potentially life changing for chronic pain patients. It was great to learn more about verbal and change management strategies we can use to aid in this process. This is a complex area of practice and to access well thought out, practical and informative workshops like BMP are becoming essential tools for practitioners with an estimated 20% of the population being affected by chronic pain. Thanks Alison for the wonderful and lively day and also to Dr Jo Sherry for her valuable contribution. Thanks also to team Sims for the wonderful catering!

Kate Caine – Osteopath