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Motivational Interviewing Course

Live online course covering the use of motivational interviewing as a communication tool.

This course is designed for any practitioner who communicates with patients.  When we drill down the science, we start to see that communication as a skill is foundational for good outcomes. MI is a lovely tool to help give structure to building better communication skills.  This course is appropriate for anyone who helps people to adopt behaviour change as part of their work including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage and exercise therapists. 

This 6 hour  online course  run over two evenings will cover Motivational Interviewing as a communication tool.  Behaviour change is a huge part of any practitioner’s role in helping their patients to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.  Most patients know what “the right thing to do” is – they just have difficulty putting it into practice in real life.  Motivational Interviewing (MI) allows you to move to a more collaborative space when working with patients for behaviour change.  One that means that patients are not being pushed, shamed or cajoled into doing things that they already might want to do.  Instead, it allows them to talk themselves into the change that they want to happen.  

MI as a skill can be used in every facet of communication with a patient.  

We will also cover important information about how to identify barriers to good communication in practice.  

This is a fun and interactive workshop that has been hugely popular during pandemic times.  


1. Introduce the concepts of various communication styles used for behaviour change 

2.  Look at the literature around the use of Motivational Interviewing in behaviour change in the chronic pain setting 

3. Practice the core skills of MI by breaking them into their separate components. 

4.  Put all the components together in a case based approach to practice using the skills 

Run over two consecutive Monday evenings in an interactive online format

November 15th and 22nd 2021, 7pm-10pm. AEDST

Presented by Alison sim

Cost $250 AUD

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