Upcoming Seminars

12 August 2019 (Perth): Motivational Interviewing

Presented by osteopath and pain management clinician Alison Sim.

This three hour evening seminar will run through the basics of Motivational interviewing technique. This approach is known to help create better rapport with patients and ultimately get better uptake of health advice.

Tickets available: https://www.trybooking.com/BBTCA

14 August 2019 (Melbourne): Pain Science 101

Presented by osteopath and neuroscience lecturer Della Buttigieg

Pain Science 101 is a 3 hour lecture that covers the fundamentals of pain, and how clinicians can apply this in practice, presented by Della Buttigieg, an osteopath with over 15 years of neuroscience lecturing experience. 

Topics covered:

  • Neurobiology of pain
  • Peripheral and central sensitisation
  • Assessment of pain
  • Pain management strategies

This lecture is perfect as both an introduction to the complex topic of pain, or as a refresher with excellent clinical insight.

Tickets available: https://www.trybooking.com/BAERO

25 September 2019 (Melbourne): Chronic Pain In Paediatric Populations

Presented by phyiotherapist Blaise Doran.

This 3 hour seminar will cover physical therapy approaches to assessing and treating chronic pain in children.


  • An overview of chronic pain in children
  • Considerations for assessment
  • Approaches for restoring physical function
  • Case Study: paediatric chronic pain
  • Clinical pathways for paediatric chronic pain management

Tickets available: https://www.trybooking.com/BAHRU

30 October (Melbourne): Q&A Panel Discussion – Pain in Sport

A mutli-disciplinary panel of 4 sports clinicians answering questions from the audience. Moderated by Alison Sim.


  • Dr Bianca Scotney, sports medicine at North Melbourne FC
  • Selwyn Griffith, rehabilitation and high performance at Brisbane Lions FC
  • Tim Trevail, program director for physical health at Torrens University, sports therapist in private practice and PhD candidate
  • Louise Bibby, osteopath and S&C coach, VFLW athlete and founder of Central Mallee Osteopathy, Osteo Sports Network

Tickets available: https://www.trybooking.com/BBLKH